The Family History Show is a monthly video podcast or ‘vodcast’ where we showcase the best in genealogy and personal heritage


Nick Barratt and Laura Berry of The Family History ShowWelcome to the home of The Family History Show. Each month we offer a video podcast or ‘vodcast’ showcasing interesting topics from the genealogy world.

Presented by two of the most renowned names in the genealogy world, Dr. Nick Barratt and Laura Berry, the Family History Show delves into real life case studies giving viewers an in depth view into how they too can obtain historically accurate information on their family’s past. The show gives viewers the chance to learn more about how to utilize key resources to explore their family’s history.

When it comes to genealogy, there are four different types of history that one can choose to explore.

Family History

As the name suggests, family history covers everything and anything to do with family. Doing an online search and looking into family diaries will provide limited information. There is, however, a wide expanse of official documentation that can be accessed through various institutions, like the National Archives that will help provide detailed and often intriguing information on members of the family tree. Publicly available records like marriage licenses, census documents, and newspaper articles provide excellent research material.

Social History

Social history covers a much wider scope. It looks into the history of public issues and debates. From parliamentary decisions to national attitudes and tolerance, the topics that can be covered under this type of history are many and far reaching. Much of what many people learn in school concerns social history.

Local History

Research into local history can take many forms. For some, it is a chance to learn more about the neighbourhoods their ancestors lived, for others it may be just to learn out about notorious incidents that may have happened in a locality they have recently moved to. Local history is often rich with many interesting characters, and events to learn about and many history buffs enjoy exploring this area, and become noted as local historians.

House History

You may be interested in knowing more about the people who lived in a particular house, whether they are family or not, regardless the house history will be able to give you information on the house. You may also want to know more about the other homes that your ancestors lived in. Public records from the local council and archives will provide you with the information you need and will show you how and where to carry out effective research.

On the Family History Show, we focus mainly on family and to some extent the other types of history. In fact by investigating personal heritage, a person is also taken on a journey into British history. The program demonstrates to viewers how they can practically look into different facets of their ancestral history and showcases the successes of other ordinary people in revealing the wonderful characters that inhabit their family tree.

The Family History Show Vodcast

Following a brief introduction, the Family History Show vodcast presents Nick’s ‘Top Tips’ that relate to the genealogy topic featured on the month’s show. These highly informative tips help educate viewers on how to achieve similar research results as those produced on other history shows. For anyone interested in a printed copy of some of Nick’s tips, they are accessible online through ebooks for easier reference.

Each video podcast features case studies that demonstrate how real life people have managed to obtain information on their history using resources that are within reach. You will be amazed by the fascinating stories that these ordinary people have to tell.

Visits to some of Britain’s best resource facilities in the country will provide you with some of an insight into the work done by people devoted to preserving our nations heritage and offer you a behind the scenes glimpse at some of the most prized historical material ever unearthed.

Check out our earlier podcasts for visits to institutions like the Institution of Civil Engineering where original papers prepared by some of the most famous engineers dating all the way back to the Victorian era are kept. For people interested in tracing the history of a family member related to the civil engineering world, this is the best resource to learn more about their work.

The National Archives is also another fount of knowledge for anything historical; from family to house history, there is not a better institution in the genealogy world to aid in revealing the secrets of the past. Even for those with limited access to the local archive, there is still plenty that has been uploaded onto the internet so that members of the public can explore more of their family history and that of this great nation.

The final segment of each Family History Show features interviews with other professionals who provide wonderful accounts of research projects undertook, and they share some of their best tips. These professionals also show off some of their favourite and most valuable discoveries. You can also get a chance to talk to some of these historians through our guest blogs.

We also provide links to other excellent resources like the Warfare Military History Magazine and fascinating articles on family discoveries from publications such as the Guardian and the Independent. For those looking for tools they can use to guide them in creating a family tree we offer recommendations such as the Myheritage Family Tree Builder.

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