photo restoration beforeAny of your old photos should be restored and salvaged, if possible. With today’s photo restoration and storage technologies, your photo collection and family history can be preserved and stored, digitally. This means future generations can see your images clearly and in true depiction.

There are a number of reasons why your photos may start to deteriorate, even when properly-stored. Deteriorating photos from past decades could be the result of the inks and photo paper used, since they weren’t of archival quality. This can result in fading and degradation, even if they haven’t been exposed to sunlight, moisture or natural disasters.

What are five reasons why you should save deteriorating photographs?

  1. Deteriorating photos may provide important historical links in your family or possible clues about your ancestors. When rebuilding your family tree, it is possible to determine certain aspects of your ancestry, such as weddings, landmarks of geographical nature and other important occasions. Enhancing your old photos may reveal details you had not noticed before. Preserving your collection will allow you to pass them onto future generations, for the next century.
  2. In certain cases, there may be celebrity status in your photo collection and photographs of archival quality can be historically and monetarily significant, if they depict Royal or famous ancestors. You could be sitting on a national treasure and be unaware of it!
  3. Photo restoration, photo retouching and photo editing services can enhance the quality of your deteriorating photos and you can now have copies made to CD or DVD, for long-term storage. This allows you to view, share, catalogue or print images, free of spots, stains, tears or blemishes.
  4. photo restoration afterOne of the final reasons you should save your deteriorating photos is that they may contain important and sentimental memories. If you have ever experienced natural disaster, such as a flood or fire, you may already know how heart-breaking it can be to lose all of your precious photographs, from the past. When you salvage your old photos, their safe and convenient electronic storage means they are preserved and easily portable. You have no reason to worry about their destruction in a basement or attic, any longer.
  5. During the enhancement of your black and white photographs, colour can be added. In addition, better brightness, contrast, detail and clearer focus or sharpness can become part of the photo editing process. You can convert your deteriorating photos into quality enlargements, suitable for framing or gift-giving

As you can see, there are sensible and logical reasons why you should save deteriorating photographs, before it is too late. You don’t want to risk losing your family history, when you can preserve it forever! You can find a photo restorer you trust to provide photo restoration, photo retouching and photo editing services to enhance and salvage deteriorating photos. Old photos can be made new again, with better focus and clarity than the originals. For more information, visit

Guest post by Richard Haines of Photographs Forever

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