Episode 1

Dr. Nick Barratt, well-known U.K. genealogist from the “Family History Show” and Laura Berry of “Your Family History Magazine”, feature real-life emails and letters of Royal Relations case-studies from viewers and readers, in the People Detectives series

As part of the research for a book on the Titanic disaster, Dr. Nick Barratt of the Family History Show interviewed Millvina Dean, the last living survivor of the Titanic. You can feel the tragedy in the life-changing experience for Millvina Dean, her family and many others, as she relates her personal story to Nick Barratt, one of the U.K.’s leading authorities on genealogy.

In this video, Nick presents an interview with an interesting historian, who has a famously-recognized historic interest of buildings and lifestyles from past periods. Dan Cruickshank collects historic “home” filmed, real-life movies of all kinds, even though some specimens have never been viewed