Dan CruickshankNick Barratt, of The Family History Show is one of the U.K.’s leading authorities on genealogy. In this video, Nick presents an interview with an interesting historian, who has a famously-recognized historic interest of buildings and lifestyles from past periods. Dan Cruickshank collects historic “home” filmed, real-life movies of all kinds, even though some specimens have never been viewed.

Many viewers may be familiar with the name, since Dan Cruickshank has been seen on BBC television and he is a well-known art and architectural historian, born in 1949. In this interview with Dan Cruickshank, Nick Barratt of The Family History Show discovers what his collection of historic film reels might contain, with this surprise viewing of film reels Dan has collected, with enthusiasm.

Viewers discover the contents of footage from the early 1920’s, as Dan Cruickshank is able to view some of his collected film reels, for the very first time. Once finding a film expert who has the trustworthy, and historic equipment necessary to view these film reels, Nick and Dan are able to discover real-life glimpses of past British life-styles and experiences.

Along with Nick and Dan, viewers are treated to the anticipation of seeing these films for the first time, in decades. The resourceful film equipment specialist is able to carefully play these home movie reels, even though Dan is a bit apprehensive about the integrity and safety of the film reels being preserved, due to their age and various film technologies.

In Nick Barratt’s interview with Dan Cruickshank, you are able to see his surroundings and his “laid-back” nature. You will leave the interview with Dan Cruickshank, yearning to see more of these old film reels, which he has collected over the years. It’s obvious that Dan has a passion for the past and everything related to it!

For historians and genealogical experts, Dan Cruickshank may be a familiar name, for a number of reasons. Not only was he a BBC consultant, writer and presenter on shows like “One Foot In The Past” and “The House Detectives”, but his films have been contributed to “Timewatch” and “Omnibus”. In addition, Dan Cruickshank wrote and presented “Invasions”, besides examining architecturally and culturally-interesting British buildings on “Britain’s Best Buildings”.

Dan Cruickshank’s extensive historical research has been featured on National Geographic TV Channel, but he may be best known for “Around the World in 80 Treasures”. It features a documentary of his five-month trip visiting 80 buildings or artifacts, around the world. It is known as one of his most notable endeavors, but “Towering Ambitions: Dan Cruickshank at Ground Zero” was another memorable presentation, in recent memory.

His documentary of the Mitchell and Kenyon collection of nitrate film, (discovered in 1994 in Blackburn), are probably the most interesting discoveries of everyday life in Britain, from the early 20th century. Nick Barratt’s entertaining way of revealing the views of Dan Cruickshank is one reason genealogical enthusiasts are interested in the interviews presented on The Family History Show.

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Click to watch the Interview