Dr. Nick Barratt, well-known U.K. genealogist from the “Family History Show” and Laura Berry of “Your Family History Magazine”, feature real-life emails and letters of Royal Relations case-studies from viewers and readers, in the People Detectives series.

In this People Detectives, discussion includes the importance of well-known or aristocratic “Gateway” ancestors or those with an “established pedigree”. These are ancestors, who are traceable through public and military records or may have been written about by historians. In the field of genealogy, these “Gateway” ancestors are verifiable points, used to build a “family tree” back to Royal heritage.

When tracing your family’s personal history, it is possible you have heard stories of Royal relations in your family’s genealogy. These stories may be passed through generations, but they could be falsely-leading you to believe you are distantly-related to Royalty, without evidence or proof. You aren’t alone in these beliefs, and you may have an important “Gateway” relative, in your past.

In these actual case studies, there are some interesting points and historical research gleaned from the public archives, by average people with an interest in their family’s history. An actual case study of an “obscure dog breeder”, who moved to Australia and may be related to King George VI, is questioned.

The Royal link boils down to a Welsh-Corgi breeder and the fact this “chap” was always presented to the Royal family, whenever he came over. Could he be the half-brother to the present Queen of England? Laura is skeptical, and thinks with something this recent you would have heard the slightest hint of this relationship, but some facts raise curiosity.

Have you found evidence that links you to the Royals? The mathematical calculations of Royal relation possibilities or “balance of probability” are discussed. They may be able to link 20% of the population back to a “Royal” connection. On the other hand, there may be no records of an actual link to Royalty, when one really exists. Illegitimate affairs and discreetly-secret relationships were most-likely never acknowledged or documented.

Laura Berry brings up another case study from one of her readers, with actual information documented and found in the Records Office. On a shopping trip to Sheffield, the reader finds a possible link between his wife’s ancestors and King Knut, “or Canute”, using her family tree that dates back to 700A.D, with a “Gateway” ancestor. Can distant Royal relations be established?

By looking for a “Gateway” ancestor, you may find Royal relations. If you have a case study that provides possible links to the Royals, you are invited to send an email, in 200 words or fewer. Every People Detective podcast will feature the best ones, and those with the most likelihood of establishing a Royal connection. Nick Barratt and Laura Berry give helpful suggestions to locating proof of Royal heritage, through each of the case studies and these hints may help you complete your family tree- whether a Royal link exists or not.

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Click to watch the Interview