Society of Genealogists

In the continuing Family History Show, Nick Barratt and Laura Berry continue to explore the world of genealogy and how the average person can benefit from some of the different tools that are out there for them to use.

For episode 4, viewers will have a chance to learn about the Society of Genealogists. In this segment, viewers will get an exclusive glimpse of what takes place behind the scenes here and learn about how beneficial it can be to discover the people from your past. During this time, Nick also shows viewers ways that they can benefit from the collections and tools that are available to them.

More importantly, there will be tips on researching that can help the viewer to make their efforts a little more effective in this process. This can prove to be extremely helpful for most people who are looking to expand on their past and to learn all they can about their family.

After this segment, Nick sits down with Laura as the pair goes over a real life case study. This will take an in depth look at the process and go over what all is involved when a person is getting ready to explore their family history. This content will be essential for you to take the time to understand.

Because an actual case is being used, viewers will have the chance to glimpse and experience just how this experience can be handled. Best of all, this is done in a fashion where the expert researcher and the novice will find that they can follow along and understand just how to handle this exploration.

From here, Nick and Laura touch on their top 10 tips when you are looking into your family history. These tips are certainly going to capture your attention and they are a great idea for the avid researcher to consider as they explore their past.

Each tip is then touched on in depth and information is provided so that the viewer can understand how to utilize each of these items in their own daily efforts. In fact, many of the tips touched on are going to be vital for those who are looking to be more successful when they are researching their family history and are opened to discovering all they can about each family member that they end up uncovering in the process.

With so much information packed into this 33 minute segment, viewers are going to have plenty of facts that they can use to help improve their own efforts in this process.   Take the time to set aside a half hour from your busy schedule and watch this informational episode that is truly going to make a difference in your efforts.



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Introduction to Episode 4

Episode 4 Top Ten Tips

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Laura with Else Churchill at the Society of Genealogists

Nick with Else Churchill at the Society of Genealogists