In this episode, Nick Barratt and Laura Berry take you to the heart of the biggest genealogy event in the “Who do you think you are?” 2012 live show at Olympia. Tagged as the biggest family history show in the world, this episode will take you to the stalls that matter, major genealogy database providers, as well as interviews with the leading specialists and experts that bring family history to them so they can share it with you.

As early as 1958, no social network like Facebook exists yet. That’s why Michael Leclerc of features a service that allows the public to access materials for genealogy research for free. The website also features subscription offers that allow people to use tools that will hasten more targeted searches. The episode discusses more about the tools like “smart match” that the website offer to do some fine-tuning with family history research along with more options to share or keep family history files private. is another participating genealogy website featured in the show discussing indexes in genealogical information and research tools that offer a complete genealogy search experience. Their new scanning facility allows people to research family history and update existing census and records as well as multimedia possibilities for family tree maker and sharing tools. To offer a whole new experience for family history searches, the website opens up to the possibility of featuring and supporting genetic genealogy sometime soon. opens up to an interactive experience for family history research. For this year, the episode features their booth’s Edwardian theme, conducting lectures and sharing family history facts of the 1911 and 1912 Titanic era. Dressing up their booth as the RMS, the booth offers exciting updates of census records dating back to 1538.

What’s more, fun is the exciting interview with the Josh Taylor, the recently announced face of FindMyPast in the US. Josh and family history show host Nick Baratt dished about Josh’s future plans for US, as well as the possibility of the company’s involvement with more extensive genealogy research, helping people all over the United States find their families across Europe and as far as Australia.

More attractions continue with the episode’s interview with the person who is responsible in putting together the, “Who do you think you are?” live at Olympia. Know how she managed to pull off a huge and panoramic gathering of genealogical speakers, experts, consultants, exhibitors and societies and communities of family genealogy, which basically is the lifeblood of genealogical studies and research.

“Who do you think you are?” 2012 is the biggest family history show and it’s the place to be for those who are family tree and family history enthusiasts. People who want to get started with their own family history research must stay tuned and watch episode 6 and look out for more of WDYTYAL2012 in Episode 7


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Introduction to Episode 6

Who Do You Think You Are Live 2012 Montage

Nick interviews Michael Leclerc of Mocavo

Nick with the “girls” from Ancestry

Nick interviews Debra Chatfield from FindMyPast

Nick interviews Josh Taylor from FindMyPast

Nick interviews Else Churchill from the Society of Genealogists