In this episode of the family history show, Nick Barratt and Laura Berry returns to give you more of the flavor and more of the interesting people to meet at the “Who do you think you are?” 2012 Live – part two.

Nick starts the show with a short interview with Chris Paton, one of the leaders in Irish genealogy and research. His work for family ancestry started with the discoveries in Scottish genealogy events. This made him passionate about his research in Irish genealogy and in helping Irish families trace their origin all the way to Britain. His website, receives up to ten posts per day from Irish families wondering about their British connections. For him, it is a wonder to help these people learn more about their roots, for absolutely free – all for the love of family history research.

In the January issue of the Family History magazine, an article title, “The Freeman of the City of London” caught the attention of a lady from Canada. Recognizing her uncle Harry from one of the pictures published in the article, she started her own intimate journey in tracing back records of her beloved uncle. In this episode, Nick and Laura share the privilege of knowing this fine lady who brought a new light to family history research with her passion and personal story in tracing her late Uncle Harry.

As Laura recalls, London Metropolitan Archive guide, Marie Craig, told her about a fine lady who got in touch with him. The lady contacted him for some information about her lost uncle as well as the information and documents published in the magazine. Later on, he confirmed that her late Uncle Harry was, in fact, awarded the “Freedom of the City of London” as well as the “Honorary Freedom of the City of London”. Also, he informed the lady that these awards came with fine privileges as his late uncle was just one of the three groups of men who earned those papers during his time. Catch Laura and Nick’s intimate interview in this episode of the family history show.

Now at back at the convention, Nick talks about how family ancestry has become a vital part of economy. He explained how people discovered things about their families based not on lies and stories but on facts, records and the statement and expertise of people who willingly spent their lives collecting and uncovering intimate and important facts that even the living members of the clan were not aware of. He explained how numerous families have activated their wealth and reclaimed their possessions, delivering prosperity to the international community.

Nick is also thrilled to share his moment with Dick Eastman, shared his take on the future of genealogy now that family search has become technology-driven and with gadgets like mobile phones, making genealogy search and family history information available anytime and anywhere. He also shares his excitement at how the use of DNA can help break brick walls in family history research when used in conjunction with paper records and documents.

If you are fascinated with family ancestry, watching the episode 7 of the family history show will show you how genealogy and family history research has grown so far in this age of mobile and DNA search technology. In Dick Eastman’s exact word, watch this episode because – “This is where the action is!”



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