family history showcaseFamily History Vodcasts provide a monthly glimpse of pertinent genealogy information, for people interested in tracing personal heritage. Nick Barratt and Laura Berry present the best tips in genealogy, while entertaining the audience with actual case studies. Insider trade secrets, frequently used by expert historians, are shared- including how to access some of Britain’s best archives!

In The Family History Show monthly video podcasts, viewers may participate in sharing their personal stories about historical discoveries or hear about Nick’s Top Ten Genealogy Tips. Vodcast subject matter includes learning about tracing bloodlines back to Royalty or hearing the real-life story of the Titanic’s last living survivor. Each month, viewers can watch a newly-added vodcast or study previously-released vodcasts, to review past research topics.

The Family History Show vodcasts are the progressive culmination of other work Nick and Laura have worked on, together. Laura Berry, Nick’s co-presenter on the video podcasts, worked with him on other projects, related to tracing family roots. “Who Do You Think You Are?” and “Find My Past” may have convinced viewers that the process of discovering personal heritage was simple. In the video podcasts, viewers get expanded insider information, in an entertaining manner.

Viewers can learn where to find basic research resources, besides information about the archives or research institutions, required to complete the task of finding family roots. Some of the entertaining video podcasts on The Family History Show will include interviews of professional historians. Various projects and insights will be discussed, which reveal additional tips. Each vodcast will feature monthly “Top Ten Tips” on the subject matter, but additional insight can be discovered from other top historians, which provide interesting perspectives.

Nick Barratt continues to provide live speaking engagements about family history and the media, but ancestral tourism is another active initiative, in the upcoming schedule. Besides monthly vodcasts, there are ongoing educational projects that Nick is involved with. Preservation of historical archives and public records, rights of public access to these records and further educating the general public about the importance of genealogy, are some of Nick’s personal crusades.

For those people interested in learning more about genealogy, The Family History Show video podcasts can be an easy way to learn more about historical research. Nick’s weekly blog is another convenient way to find out about upcoming vodcasts or some of the fascinating stories Laura and Nick are working on. Viewers may have valuable archives in their attic or storage and these forgotten photos or documents, letters and objects could be highlighted in upcoming episodes.

With Internet access, you can be entertained by The Family History Show vodcasts and learn more about genealogy. Top Ten Tips and interesting interviews or discussions with knowledgeable historians, provides information to help those people participating in their own research. Nick Barratt and Laura Berry have a personal passion for any research of historical value and the monthly vodcasts share these unique perspectives, with a worldwide Internet audience.

Guest post by Alec Tritton – see the Tritton Family History website

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