photo restoration beforeThere are many benefits to restoring old photos, since it is part of preserving family history. With advances in technology, it’s possible to edit, enhance and save your images in digital files and you can share them with other family members or friends, electronically. Professional photo restorers can take a torn or faded photograph and transform it into a beautifully-restored photo, suitable for framing.

Genealogical Benefits:

For historians, the benefits of restoring old photos may be considered priceless. The genealogical benefits are important to anybody trying to build a family tree. The types of paper and ink used in deteriorating photographs may give clues to the age or timeframe of the image or subjects. Careful handling and exact procedures are important, when restoring old photos, so expert restoration procedures should be used on any historically-significant photographs.

Eliminate scratches, folds, tears and fading:

Since old photographs have a tendency to degrade over time, professional photo restorers have developed techniques for cleaning old negatives and they can disguise scratches, folds, tears and repair other damage. Restoring old photos should not be attempted by amateurs, since it can permanently ruin originals. You may find online tutorials and software to help you, when restoring old photos, but for the best outcome, expert advice should be considered.

Electronic storage and ease of sharing:

Restoring old photos allows you to convert them to digital images, which are easy to store and share with friends or family. With advances in technology, it’s possible to take an entire photo collection and store it on CD or DVD. This can be a convenient way to retrieve a particular group of photographs or safely secure an additional copy, which will last into the next century. You can share digital copies through email or print as many copies as you need.

photo restoration after

Preservation of your originals:

Perhaps the primary benefit of restoring old photos is the preservation of your originals. In the case of deteriorating photographs, time may be of the essence. Since the oldest photographs may not be on archival paper or finished to protect them from fading, professional restoration, editing or preservation can prevent further damage. It’s possible you have stored an old box of photos in your attic or basement, away from sunlight or moisture. You may not be aware that degradation and fading can occur, even without any direct exposure.

Add colour to black and white photographs:

When restoring old photos, it’s possible to add colour to old black and white photos. Professional restoration and editing techniques can add clearer focus or sharpness, besides adding realistic shades to the images. Special effects may be used, but the subjects or images will be better defined, with this process.

There are many benefits to restoring old photos, but doing it properly is the most important factor. Professionals can provide quality work and historically-significant photographs should only be handled by experts, experienced in the proper techniques. For more information about restoring old photos, visit

Guest Post by Richard Haines of Photographs Forever

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